Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Here are the first proofs. The Solar plate is on the right. The center print was done on dry Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper using Akua Carbon Black ink. The print on the left was printed on damp paper with chine colle' added.

I use a double exposure process by first exposing the plate to an aquatint screen followed up by the film positives. I do think doubling up the transparencies for a denser film positive made a difference. Subtle details that often get lost due to over exposure were picked up on the plate. However, the proofs came out a little too dark and there were some open areas that didn't print. I think this was due to over developing the plate; some areas were "bitten" too deeply and detail was lost.

This first plate was processed in a cool tap water bath (approximately 68 degrees) for 1:45 which may have been a little too long for this particular image. One to two minutes is recommended for processing an intaglio plate. I use a soft brush (one for cleaning mushrooms) to gently go over the plate as it's developing but I always need to be careful that I'm not overly aggressive with this step.

I'll try again, reduce the developing time and be careful with the brushing of the plate; maybe find a softer brush. An old makeup brush might work well.


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