Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting down to business.

After some morning snow shoveling, I headed up to my studio to work on "Second Skin". No more procrastinating!

Mock up, film positives, and exposed plate.

It was worth taking time to create a photocopy mock-up of my proposed image. Knowing where the folds would land helped me plan the size of my three segments and decide where to overlap the prints for stitching. At this point, my film positives are ready and I'm set to begin proofing.

Doubled up film positive of right hand section.

I'm trying something a little different this time when exposing the Solarplates. I've printed two copies of my image onto transparencies, carefully lined them up and taped them together. I want to see if increasing the density of the black laser printer ink makes for a better exposure. There's always so many variables to consider when creating a light sensitive plate that a fair amount of experimentation occurs with each new image.

Now, lets see what happens.

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