Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things on Hold

Aah September. The days are cooler, the sun sets earlier and you know fall is just around the corner. September is also the time to pick up the pace, after a laid back summer of heat and humidity, and take on new challenges.

I've been away from the studio for the past few weeks enjoying summer's end down by the shore. Studio projects were placed on hold but I'm hoping to get back in the studio next week, to see if I can bring something to fruition.

Right now, I'm feeling a little nervous about not having the time to focus on my studio practice. You see, my husband and I are about to undertake a huge project; tearing down and rebuilding the family cottage that my father-in-law built over 62 years ago. Our summer has been focused on designing the new space and getting the necessary permits to move ahead. This week will focus on meeting with various tradesmen to get estimates and beginning the cleaning out phase of the cottage. (So much stuff has accumulated over the years!)

This project is both exciting and terrifying, since I know it will occupy a good portion of our time. In the long run though, the new place will be built to withstand coastal storms and hurricanes and with any luck will last another 60 years or more. Right now I'm just looking at it as one giant creative endeavor and with any luck, I'll be able to divide my time between the studio and this building project. I'll try to occasionally update our progress as the project unfolds.