Monday, May 16, 2011


Last Friday, after a marathon day of printing, I had the satisfaction of seeing an edition of 26 drying on the line.

Once the prints were dry enough to trim, they were ready for the addition of laces. After playing around with different configurations, I finally settled on a layout and spent today finishing up the print.

"Midriff" is a small 5" X 7" intaglio print created for an upcoming exhibition at the Newport Rhode Island Art Museum entitled Micro/Macro; an exhibition of small & large prints. Next project, working on a large print for the same show.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So Many Options

I've had a hard time settling on an image for an upcoming exhibition that requires an edition of small 5" X 7" prints. Working small can be problematic and I just couldn't make up my mind as I tried out different options. Having spent last week working on images and making ImagOn plates, today was dedicated to proofing, figuring out exposure times, and experimentation. However, no matter what I did, I just wasn't satisfied with any of the prints; they just didn't seem right in a small format. At this point, I'll use these proofs as inspiration material for larger works.

I had one final plate left and even though I was ready to clean up and call it a day I decided to pull one last proof. I was glad I took the time because I ended up with an print I'm really happy with and the subject works well as a small image. Even though it measures only 5 X 7 inches, it doesn't feel small. I also like the way it looks in black and white, which will work well with the colored thread I intend to add to the print. I'll tweak the image tomorrow, pull a few more proofs and then hopefully I'll be ready to edition.