Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Celebration like no other!

Another year in my life has passed and as I approached a significant milestone, my husband made sure it would be memorable.

Jade Mountain
He whisked me off to beautiful St Lucia and surprised me with a stay in a most fantastic resort! Tucked high on a hillside and looking like a fabulous layer cake sits Jade Mountain; bejeweled with tropical flowers, reflective glass sculptures and rooms with only three walls.

Yes, only three walls!

One side of this unbelievable room was totally open to the elements. And to top it off, a large infinity pool sat at the edge of the space offering spectacular views of the lush hillside and ocean.

The Pitons were in full view and as I swam to the edge of the pool I felt like I was in an amazing tree-house with the birds flying in and about the space. And there's nothing like watching dawn breaking or viewing a sunset, from a pool in your room ... too much!!!

Netting around the large four poster bed was dropped into place before retiring to ensure that there were no bug bites over night. To be honest, we didn't encounter any pesky bugs.

In addition to the pool, there was a Jacuzzi in the luxurious elevated bath just in case you wanted bubbles with the view.

And to top it all off, the stay ended with a helicopter ride! This was a once in a lifetime birthday treat that I will never forget and it definitely took away the sting of turning ......