Thursday, July 12, 2012

First of a Series

I recently had the opportunity to squeeze in some studio time so I decided to work on what I'm calling my "Springer" Series. I've had some great Springer Spaniels over the years and felt it was time to do a series of images dealing with this fantastic breed.
Wanting to keep the subject matter bold and graphic, I decided on an intaglio print; black and white like the dogs. The image was created on drafting Mylar then exposed to a Solarplate that had already been exposed to an aquatint screen. I like to spread the ink with matte board squares, begin wiping with a soft tarlatan and then finish up with a paper wipe; phone book pages wrapped around a felt covered block of wood. A scrap of rubberized "non-skid" material used under throw rugs works well to hold the plate in place while wiping.
Moment of truth. It's always exciting to see what lies beneath the blankets. In this case, I was really happy with the outcome.