Monday, February 25, 2013


Crazy, crazy end to 2012 with "Super-storm Sandy" pummeling the east coast and an equally busy start to 2013. These pyramids of sand are sitting in the parking lot of the Misquamicut State Beach in Rhode Island, after having been cleaned of debris, and are ready to be returned to the dunes.

Notification of the "Leftovers 2013" print exchange , was a welcome diversion to all the chaos and a great way to get my focus back to the studio. After spending a couple of weeks working on images, I couldn't decide which to submit. So this morning I decided to pack them up and send them both.

 "Hard Place" deals with the "leftover" theme through its subject matter; a headless Barbie doll washed up on the beach after the storm. Wedged between the rocks, it was an eerie leftover and seemed to symbolize the "mind blowing" damage that Sandy caused.

The other image is a more literal reference to leftovers. A Solarplate scrap, used to test exposure times, was printed on leftover scraps of paper. "Flush" is just a fun, tiny study in black and white.

Now, I'm looking for a return to normalcy and a little more time in the studio.