Friday, June 3, 2016

Cloudy Day Plate Production

The down side of having a studio with three walls of large windows is that it's hard to totally darken the room when working with photopolymer film and plates. I take advantage of cloudy and overcast days to work on plates; less chance of unintentional ultraviolet light exposure.

After working on images for positives this morning, I managed to make and proof two new plates. The subject matter is based on our rock "dune" at the beach. I stare at these rocks so often that I decided to work on a series based on the dune. I have so many ideas that I'm not exactly sure where this will lead, but that's a good thing.

This is how the dune looked after we had it rebuilt after super storm Sandy. Hard to imagine the force of the waves pushed this wall down! It was difficult rebuilding the stairs to the beach working off of such an irregular slope but we got it done.

 Anyway, I've always had a fondness for rocks: their shapes, colors, texture, etc. Right now my focus is on the spaces between; cracks and crevices. Below are a couple of shots of today's proofs. I'm referring to this Solarplate diptych as "Adam and Eve".

Chine colle' was added to this proof. Long way to go yet, as far as options go, but I'm liking the direction this is heading in.