Thursday, February 6, 2014

Decisions, decisions.

Akua Intaglio: Graphite on the left, Akua Intaglio: Paynes Gray on the right.
I played around with some color options today and narrowed it down to these two choices. The trouble is I like them both and I'm finding it hard to choose between the two. I like the blue tint in the Paynes Gray but then again, there is something straightforward and graphic about the print done in Graphite ink. Since I'm considering adding a watercolor wash in a couple of places on the print,  I'll need to factor that into the decision as well. I think my next step is to print out a couple of copies of the full image before making my final decision.


  1. Paynes Gray is my favourite. I might need to try out the Graphite now that I've seen your proofs. Good luck. I can't wait to see the final results.

    1. Hi Lottie. I agree with you and I'm leaning towards the Paynes Gray myself. If you get a chance, try out the Akua Graphite. It a really great color.

  2. Its great to see you are back in action again Melody - I have been trying to really get back into my own thread after being somewhat subject to the winter blues for want of a better expression.
    You are such a good printmaker and love always to see your work.

    I did the leftovers exchange once and got very poor returns so did'nt bother again afterwards. Hope yours is a good experience. If nothing else you will show them how it should be done !! Take care

    Aine xx

    under the weather mentally

    1. Thank you Aine for your kind comments.

      Isn't it frustrating when you want to work but encounter stumbling blocks of one kind or another? For me, getting pulled in too many directions, with outside responsibilities and demands, is always difficult and negatively impacts my studio work.

      I can understand your seasonal blahs and sympathize with you because this has definitely been a trying winter! But, spring is just around the corner - that proverbial season of growth - so I hope that you're able to snap out of your winter doldrums quickly and get those creative juices flowing again.

      I'm always surprised by the poor quality of the prints I get with most exchanges but for some reason I keep participating, hoping that sooner or later I'll get a few quality pieces. I'll have to remember to post an image of the collection I get from this year's exchange.

      Wishing you a creative renewal as winter slowly fades into spring.