Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Plates

More proofing is underway. I decided to do a few small test plates to make sure I had the exposure time right for this particular image.

I exposed a new plate and shortened the wash-out time to just under a minute. The softer brush worked really well. It would be a little small for large plates but was perfect in this particular case.

New print on left - old version on right.

It's a little difficult to see here but the shortened wash out time took care of the open biting and the print ended up being much sharper. I decided to use a Solarplate scrap to make a test plate, for a different section of the image, and increase the exposure time to see if I could get a bit more detail.

Eleven light units for both image & aquatint screen.

I liked the results so I upped the exposure time again but this time exposed the transparency first and then the aquatint screen second. I gave the transparency 12 light units followed by 10 light units for the aquatint screen.

Comparison of test plates.

For this particular section of the image, I liked the clarity I ended up with on the plate with the longer exposure time. There was a better balance in the over all value of the plate and a bit more detain.

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