Monday, February 3, 2014

Leftover Exchange V

Beautiful; but I'm so looking forward to Spring!

Spent a snowy Monday in the studio working on a print for Leftovers V, an annual exchange project by WingTip Press.

I often end up with small sized pieces of Solarplate so this exchange project is a great way to put them to good use. Since the maximum paper size is no more than 5" X 7" my leftover scraps of Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper didn't go to waste nor did a small jar of Akua Ink I had custom mixed for another project.

Inked plate ready for the press.

To keep the leftover theme going, I dug out an image that I had created after super storm Sandy hit but never got around to doing anything with. It too deals with leftovers; an altered shoreline littered with rocks and punctuated with small ponds. I build the image in Photoshop using photos I took after the storm and added a web image of the moon's phases.

I'm pleased with the results and I'll consider adding some watercolor to the print after I've stepped away from it for awhile.
Always a satisfying sight.
I've been a bit lost lately when it comes to my studio practice; a lot going on with the holidays and a new granddaughter due very soon. So, this project was just the thing to get me into the studio knowing I could get an edition of 15 completed before I was called on for "grandma duty".

If you're interested in participating in Leftovers V you have until the due date of April 15th. Check it out and put all your studio leftovers to good use.

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