Thursday, June 25, 2009

Treetop Studio

Why "treetop" studio. Well, years ago my husband added an addition that spanned our garage and back porch to specifically create a studio space. He let me select any windows I wanted so naturally I went for as many as possible to let in plenty of light (even on gray days). Since we live in the woods, I look out to the treetops that surround our place; hence Treetop Studio.

The 20" X 30" space is large enough to accommodate my large press, good sized drawing table and all of my supplies. There's even enough space to dedicate part of the room for exercise and a sitting area. It's a fabulous space in which to work and now that I have the time my goal is to put it to use every day. Needless to say, I consider myself extremely fortunate.

"In the studio all distinctions disappear. One has neither name or family; one is no longer the daughter of ones mother, one is oneself and individual, and one has before one art, and nothing else. One feels so happy, so free, so proud! Marie Bashkirtsef (1860-1884)


  1. Your studio looks wonderful. I've been enjoying myself looking at the large versions of the photos and trying to work out what things are. Most of all, I am delighted by the wonderful light and all the storage. One thing really intrigues me - the 3-part screen. Did you make this? What are the suspended pieces made of? It's wonderful, and looks like it might have a story?

  2. Hi Amanda.Thanks for stopping by. The storage is great. My husband build the cabinet bodies and plans on making and adding doors some day. We put in a granite counter top because it is basically indestructable and great to roll ink out on.

    The large room divider screen was created by my daughter who majored in furniture design at RISD. She made clay tiles, strung them together with copper wire and threaded the wire through the upper & lower ebonized wood frames. It's a stunning piece, stands about 84" high and does a great job obscuring the occasional mess.