Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mailart Project

I have been busy lately working on postcard sized art for an exchange project called #mailart. 33 twitter friends & artists will be creating postcards and then sending them via "snail" mail to all participants. The actual mailing and the ensuing postal process becomes part of the work. Who knows what will happen once the postcards enter the system and how will the journey impact the mailart? It's like a traveling exhibition. Will the people handling the mail actually take a moment to look at the work? With a July 1st deadline, the whole project seemed a little daunting and I was spending too much time in the planning stage; questions of what will I do and where do I start occupying my thoughts. I finally decided to dig out proofs from prints I had done and use them as the basis for my postcards. Printmakers always have proofs from the plates they are working on. I liked the challenge of looking at these proofs in a new way and seeing what I could do to give them a new life.

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