Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Exchange Project

I began work today on another exchange project. The Art House Exchange ( requires an edition of 22 prints sized 11" X 15", on the theme of "Danger", and are due by August 1st. I've decided to use two plates for this piece - one in relief using linoleum and the other an intaglio using a photopolymer plate. The tricky part of this will be to meet the deadline. I'll be away from the studio for a couple of weeks so I need to work on the part of the image that will travel well and not require studio equipment. At this point, I'm ready to transfer my image to the linoleum using graphite paper.

I actually had the idea worked out a month ago but because of the Mailart project, which had an earlier due date, I put this on the back burner. I'm not so sure that was a good idea because the Mailart took much longer than anticipated and the return for the effort invested is not looking good. I have received only 6 postcards, which is a pretty poor showing, considering there were 32 participants. Since the deadline is July 1st, I'm not sure everyone will meet their obligtion. Oh well, I guess that's the chance one takes when participating in an exchange project; you have no guarantee of the quality or quantity.


  1. What a great topic. Is the image you showed above where you're going with the Danger print? It's fantastic!

    I know what you mean about travel and deadlines. Because I work with my husband on a project about US Route 89, we travel a lot. It's a great project and ties in periferally (sp?) with my own work. But... we travel a lot. This week we're doing Northern Arizona.

    Then I have 2 weeks before we take off again, this time up to the border of Canada, where 89 stops and we'll travel south through Glacier, Yellowstone, etc. until we arrive home in Southern AZ.

    Meanwhile, I have an August 29 deadline to hang my very first solo show (at age 58 I might add). I'm pretty freaked out. I do have 15 pieces completed, but have started messing about with a few of these. (Big mistake) Was hoping to have 20 done, although the space will probably only hold 12-15. So I guess I'm okay, but still...

    I guess it's always a juggling act.

    After seeing your postcards, I don't doubt you'll get the Art House Exchange piece completed on time and with great art produced. Yours is by far the most accomplished mail art card (and my favorite!)

  2. Good luck with your solo show Barbara. 15 pieces is a lot to have completed & ready to go. (Especially if the space only accommodates 12 to 15.) Don't second guess yourself and start messing with finished pieces ... you'll only drive yourself crazy. I'm sure your show will be great. (By the way, 58 is great! No matter what age you are, it's never too late to follow your dreams!)

    Best of luck,