Monday, June 15, 2009

So Mant Cards, So Little Time

The twitter mail art project continues. The challenge for this week is to regroup, clean up the studio a bit and start fresh on the last dozen postcards. It is turning out to be more challenging than expected. 32 postcards in 30 days (deadline July 1st) does seem a little daunting and my personal challenge is to maintain quality when dealing with quantity.

An unexpected problem is that this project is turning out to be very time consuming so deadlines for other projects are looming and the pressure is on.

Motivation: Beauty... the fun of trying to get it down... the fun of trying to get better. (David Leffel)

Nothing spurs creativity more than a deadline. (Mary E. Whitehill)

1 comment:

  1. We are on the same page about the challenge of the deadline. I have a solo show of my mosaics beginning July 1 for which I had hoped to completed 2 new small pieces. That became impossible after finding out the magnitude of what I had committed to on the mail art! It's ok because I have enough pieces for this small, non-traditional exhibit space, but still disappointing. I REALLY love your work. There seems to be something archetypal about the finished images. Maybe it's how you have cut up and combined beautiful things to make something wonderful (much like mosaics).