Thursday, November 19, 2009

Plexiglass Plates

These are the plates for the "girdle" images. They're a little difficult to see but are Plexiglass bases covered with ImagOn
. We'll see what happens when they're proofed. I'm a little worried that they may print too dark.

Now that I've caught up on my blogging, it's back to the drawing board (or the printing press in this case).


  1. I've enjoyed reading these posts, reading about how you think about your process. Your layering creates visually complex imagery that is intriguing to ponder. I hope I have the chance one day to see them for real.
    I'm interested in these plates. If they print too dark, does that mean they have been exposed for too long? And can you correct it?

  2. Hi Amanda. In actuality, these plates printed too light in some areas.

    When using photopolymer film you should make test plates to check a number of things: quality of the transparency (is the "dot structure" correct), exposure time, and developing. There are so many variables and each image is different so there's a bit of experimentation that needs to take place to get it right.

    I'll just put the plates in a strong soda ash solution to strip off the film and redo them. I think the dot pattern was too dense in the negative and I've just finished adjusting it. We'll see what happens today.