Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Six for NAC Gallery

Six by six ready to go. Since I've never participated in this kind of holiday show, I have no idea what to charge. The gallery charges $20 to submit 6 works and will take a 30% commission on all sales. Charge too much and the work won't sell, too little and it won't be worth it. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi, Melody,

    Such a balancing act it all is! I just got out my calculator, and if I'm correct (and don't count on it) I think if you charged $50, you'd make about $33 off of each one. Of course, I'm coming from the very poor Southwest, and it's hard to say how pricing compares from one place to the next. Hope it goes well for you.

  2. Hi Barbara.
    Great to hear from you! (Thanks for tackeling the math by the way.) Norwich is a fairly poor city so one usually keeps that in the back of the mind when pricing. The works are small so the price shouldn't be too high but then again I have a tendency to undercharge. I would at least like to break even for materials and entry fee without having the commission eat away too much of my charge. I'll kind of poke around when I drop off the work to see what others are chargeing.