Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maze Image

I've been playing around with incorporating mazes in my works to symbolize the often convoluted paths we take to reach our destinations. This piece has been in my sketches for awhile, just pulling at the edges of my mind, so I needed to get it out; soon.

I began by designing a large rectangular maze. Once I had the design in place, I laid a sheet of Mylar over the sketch and then used strips of solid black tape to lay out the image. This in essence created a large transparency that I could use to expose a plate.

My intentions are to use four or five plates to create this piece. Two large background images, one large wood block to create texture and color behind the maze plate and then two smaller plates. With the exception of the wood block, the plates will be phoyopolymer intaglios.

I'm now at the point where I'm contemplating the background proofs, deciding where I need to make adjustments, and whether or not to incorporate chine colle for the smaller plates. Lots of decisions at this point and since there are so many "pieces", all I can do is spend a few days experimenting with my options.

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