Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making Plates

The large plates have a Plexiglass base with ImagOn adhered to the surface. After seeing the proofs, I've decided to add a couple of additional layers of ImagOn to the top and bottom portions of the right hand plate. ImagOn works really well if you are someone who enjoys layering and building up images. The best part is, if you find the plate isn't working out, the film can easily be stripped off so you can reclaim the basic plate.

For the small plates, I'm using roofing copper. The square plate was easily cut to size on my old paper cutter. I wanted an oval shape for one image and had to figure out the best way to get the most accuracy when cutting the plate. My first thought was to grab my jewelers saw and blades and carefully cut out the shape. After some experimenting on scraps, I found that I could quickly and accurately cut the shape using my metal cutters. Next step is to apply the ImagOn.

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