Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Procedure

I often get asked about both my creative and printmaking processes and being a teacher, I'm always happy to share.

My imagery is usually a compilation of my photographs and sketches that I alter through digital manipulation and transformations, by hand, of the film or drawings used to make the plate. Sometimes alterations are made on the surface of the plate itself. This process, allows me to transform my original sketch at several stages of the process. Ultimately the print that emerges reflects my love of complexity, implied meaning and layering as I pair and group images to express feelings, ideas and emotions.

Once I had my image worked out for "One Size Fits All", I made a small plate and proofed it. This allowed me to check the clarity of the image and refine my exposure time. When I was happy with the image, I created a negative that had multiple copies of the "master" image on one transparency. Because my print would be a bleed image (no borders around image) and because I was using the photopolymer film ImagOn, this allowed me to create a matrix that held identical images that could then be printed simultaneously. (In this instance, I was able to print four images with one run through the press.) With a plate that is only 3"X 3", this makes producing an edition much easier. When the prints were dry, I added the hand coloring and trimmed them to size.

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