Saturday, January 29, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Spent the day playing around with my dress form print and experimenting with options for the background. After much trial & error and proofing I decided that less was more and there was no need to over work the background. Since the print is only 7" X 5" and a bleed image, I decided to keep things simple. Funny how sometimes your first option turns out to be the best but you still feel compelled to mess around with the image anyway. As usual, my desk is covered with about 6 different ideas and sketches for upcoming exchanges and exhibitions; along with today's proofs.

It was a productive day. I've settled on the image, fine-tuned my plates, paper is torn and my inks are mixed; ready to edition. I'm using two ImagOn plates. I'll ink the background first in a cool gray and then roll a transparent yellow ocher over the candle area. The second plate with the dress form and the hash marks will be printed over the background in black. I'm hoping that if I get an early start I can complete the edition in one day.

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