Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowed in but studio is warm

Yet another snow storm here in Connecticut but I made good progress on a print for an upcoming show entitled Micro/Macro. The Micro part requires exhibitors to create an edition of 25 bleed prints measuring 5" X 7" and sometimes it's difficult to come up with an interesting image for such a small format. I've been working on various sketches and plates and finally settled on an image. Yesterday was spent proofing, experimenting with color options and tweaking the image. A few more adjustments and I should be ready to edition.

Many times an artist is asked, "Where do you get your ideas?" Of course, inspiration can come from anywhere but I thought I'd share my catalyst for this new print and introduce you to my muse.
Years ago, I found this great old dress form by the side of the road and being the "junk" collector that I am, I just had to stop and throw it in the car. Even though it stands in the studio and holds my aprons and work shirts it was always my intention to use it as a subject for a series of prints. I can relate to "her", as she stands there by the window, still proud but a little frayed around the edges and showing her age. That's when it struck me; use her as a metaphor for myself and this whole inevitable aging process.

On the technical side, I am doing a photopolymer intaglio using ImagOn film. I worked up the background as a drawing and scanned it into my computer. A photograph of my muse was altered in Photo Shop and superimposed over the background. ImagOn was adhered to two plexiglass plates and then exposed to the transparencies. My plan it to print the background plate first, then the dress form image over it. Because I'm using Akua inks, I can print without dampening the paper which will make the registration easier. We'll see how it goes as I prepare for editioning.

This is what I have so far and will make a few changes before I'm ready to call it finished. The birthday candles in the background, the hash marks and of course the condition of the dress form record the passage of time.

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