Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Spent yesterday working on an image and plate for the 2011 Littlest Print Exchange. Apparently I couldn't wait to print it because I woke up really early this morning wanting to head to the studio. I was able to get down to business and managed to crank out an edition of 55. Granted, they are small but still require the same process of inking, wiping and printing as any edition. I enjoyed the 3D optical illusion the prints created when lined up on the press.

The 2011 theme is “accessibility” reflecting printmaking’s capacity to produce multiple original works of art accessible to the masses. I decided to deal with the opposite and created an image that deals with the masses being barred from access.

“Barred” is a tiny intaglio print measuring 3” X 3” printed as a bleed image on Hanhnemuhle-Copperplate. It deals with the issue of “no access” by obstructing entry with the construction of a barricade of sticks and battens to exclude the masses. I decided to work with the simple starkness of the black and white to emphasize the complexity of the pattern and rhythm created in such a small space.


  1. I like how they look together, too. Nice black and white image,

  2. Love your image! Very nice print!