Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Travel" Book

I recently participated in a wonderful collaborative project involving the Printmakers Network of Southern New England (of which I'm a member) and 3 Connecticut poets. Fifteen artists joined together with the poets to create “Travel,” a hand-bound collection of accordion books featuring original prints and poems. Started in 2006, the concept was for artists and poets to work in conjunction on a chosen subject over a given period of time. Each poet chose 4 words related to the theme of travel. Each printmaker then chose which group of four words to respond to as inspiration. Shown here, is my contribution; an intaglio print entitled; "As The Crow Flies". The completed book is stunning and was a very rewarding project to undertake.

Thirty copies of the 3-book collection (page size 11”x 11”) were created with eight for sale at $2500 pre-release, $3000 post release.

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