Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Imagon Film Application

I have always used Imagon film for my photopolymer prints and have good luck with it. There are many who find it difficult to work with but I don't find that to be the case. (Now, lets hope since I made that statement I don't start having problems!)

Remember to work in a safe light environment. Cut film slightly larger than the plate and be careful not to put any "dents" in it. Place your plate on a clean flat surface and spritz the plate with water.
Carefully peel off the soft layer on the inside curl of the film. I find that if I tape a piece of duct tape - upside down - to the edge of my counter, I can touch a corner of the film to it to get the peel started.

Lay the film over the plate being careful not to get any wrinkles. Spritz the surface of the film with water and using a squeegee, start at the center of the plate and squeegee out toward the edges. Trim excess film from the plate's edges and finish up by rubbing the surface with a soft rag. Heat dry the plate from the back with a heat gun.


  1. Melody,
    Where is least expensive to buy ImagOn Ultra?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Ruth. Takach Press sells ImagOn & a roll 12" X15' goes for $29.