Monday, July 20, 2009


I was pretty happy with the completed print which I titled "Snagged". I liked the idea of adding an actual feather to the image by just making a couple of slits in the paper and "snagging" the feather in place. (For some reason, whenever I see a feather, I pick it up so I had a number to choose from as I finished up the edition.)

The edition of 22 was printed for the 2009 Art House Exchange on Hahnemuhle-Copperplate using Akua carbon black ink. Prints from the exchange will be on exhibit at the Art House Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia on August 28th.

Now to get them packaged and in the mail!


  1. Wonderful site. I too love the magic of the press, the smell, feel and sound of the ink, and the printing process I especially love monotypes which I have been collaging and adding other media to. Check out my blog The ART of Travel at

  2. Wow,checked out your site and I love your monotypes Linda. Beautiful colors and textures.

    Thank you for checking out my site.