Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This and That

Even though I'm fighting a head cold and coughing constantly, I did manage to get a lot accomplished in the studio this week. I began by deciding to submit work to a number of juried shows, both local and national. I have a tendency to show a new work once or twice locally and then file it away.

Since there are currently so many opportunities for exposure, I decided to submit work to several. The trick for me is to keep dates organized. After making a list of the venues I was interested in, I bought a calendar notebook that had plenty of room for information. Now to pay attention to deadlines and "ship by" dates.

The first deadline is this weekend so it was down to the basement to build a couple of frames. I'll be submitting these to the Norwich Arts Council's "Images in Ink" print show. Looking at this photo, I found it interesting how a rug my mother-in-law had made complements my fish print.

In between framing, I managed to work on a few ideas and make plates for different series I'm interested in continuing: a sense of place, rock forms, and stitched prints. So many ideas swimming around in my head its hard to settle on which one to pursue first. I was hoping that pulling a few proofs would help focus my attention.

Plates ready to proof along with a mannequin print and a study for sense of place.

The first proof of my rock series hot off the press.

Now to keep the momentum going ...... and get rid of this cold!

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