Friday, May 13, 2016

Proofing Underway

Before printing this Solarplate, I decided to try something new. I mounted the plate onto a scrape of four-ply matte board using just a glue stick as the adhesive. After running the plate through the press, I carefully trimmed the matte board from around the plate. 

My goal was to increase the plate's thickness to replicate the embossing in the paper that one would get if using a traditional zinc or copper plate.

I'm using Akua Intaglio ink and printing on dry Arnham heavy white paper.

Moment of truth.

The plate printed really well and I was pleased with the degree of embossing. A little more proofing and experimenting with color before I call this one finished.


  1. cool :)

    I have a bunch of these in the dark closet at the moment but haven't used them yet, scared to mess up lol

  2. You should definitely give them a try! So many possibilities.

  3. I find that image you have created very appealing Melanie.......and now that you have the emboss - it just adds to it !!

    p.s. Do you have a title for it yet?