Monday, May 16, 2016

Final Decisions

After a couple of days away from the studio, this morning I'm trying to decide whether or not to leave my latest print as it is ....

... or add a collage element in the form of a feather and a bit of machine stitching. Or, maybe just the feather and no stitching???

Close-up with feather and machine stitched gold thread.

This is a tough decision. I like the print as is, but wonder if the additions add a bit more to the image, or is the image more mysterious without.

This particular piece is a Solarplate with chine colle' printed as a variable edition on Arnham paper using Akua Intaglio ink. I decided to call this piece "Offering". 

Feedback would be welcome and helpful since I'm caught in the middle.


  1. Wow, tough call! In the first version I feel a relationship between the "cats cradle" hands and the cupped hands. In the feather version that is gone, but I'm not sure if that's a result of the addition of the feather or the apparent difference in color between to the two images. The ochre color in the feather version is much more contrasty-y than in the first version.

    The white line of the thread in the second one joins the upper and lower bits more... I suppose the gold thread does, too, but in web photos it's hard to tell.

    Not very helpful, I'm afraid. But it's a really intriguing image, well done!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Sherrie. Everything you mentioned is the reason I'm so indecisive. I think the problem is the image can work either way. I'll need to turn it to the wall for a couple of days before making my final call.

  2. Hey Mel,
    First off, I love following your work. Very inspiring for me.

    I'm partial to the one with the feather for a couple reasons. I like the white being brought down into the dark area. I also think the hands without the feather read more as "taking" rather than "giving." like in church when you receive communion. The empty hands are awaiting something. The feather in hands is more offering something. So I guess it depends what you're going for there.

    Anyway, just my first impressions.
    Keep up the great work, love it!


    1. Excellent point about the giving and receiving Steph. The feather does play up the offering aspect. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

  3. Personally, I like it with the feather. I agree with Stephanie that the empty hand read as begging or taking, while the feather looks more like an offering. Either way, it's fabulous work.