Friday, March 18, 2016

Ternes-Burton Registration

I've been setting up to try out my Ternes-Burton registration pins and tabs. I've been looking for a reliable way to achieve accurate registration when printing multiple plates and/or colors. These were recommended over and over again by various printmakers so I'm giving them a go.

It's been awhile since I've done a relief print so I decided to do a linoleum reduction print with a fairly representational subject. I'm not sure yet how far I'll take this but will play around with layering colors and see where it goes.

I probably should have gone with a smaller sized matrix but figured if I was going to test this system, go big.

I have a sheet of Lexan on my bed press. To this I've used double sided tape to attach two long strips of linoleum along each edge of the plastic; one of which has a right angle. This will help balance things out as the plate is run through the press and also serve as part of my registration system.

A piece of matte board, with a right angle, will be used to re-position the plate each time it is inked. I'll use this to get the plate positioned correctly each time and once the plate is in position the matte board will be carefully removed. This way I can move the plate for inking and cutting.

A sheet of paper is positioned over the plate and the pins and tabs are taped into place on the Lexan.

Even though the pins are quite low, I've still replaced my felt blankets with my rubber blanket.

Now that all the sheets have the tabs taped in place and the pins are securely taped to the press bed, I'm ready to go. Fingers crossed that this system will produce accurate results.

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