Friday, March 18, 2016

First Runs

First color printed.

I'm using Akua intaglio ink and printing on Arches 88 paper.

The printing went well and the tabs didn't interfere with the blanket.

I spent the morning cutting the first color away and by lunch time I was ready to lay down the second color.

Second color mixed and the plate is inked and ready to go.

Moment of truth. As I lifted the print, I was impressed that the second color was spot on, as far as the registration goes.

In no time at all I had eight prints pulled. My jig made it easy to place the plate on the bed and the tabs made it so easy to lay down the paper; no futzing around to carefully align edges.

I know this is only two colors and the print is in its early stages but hopefully this will continue with the subsequent colors. I'm excited to see how this progresses.


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