Saturday, January 31, 2015

Slow going

Its been a bit of a struggle settling on a composition for a piece that's due by the end of February. I was never satisfied and just kept tweaking sketches and changing my mind; over and over again! I think the impending deadline had something to do with my indecisiveness. Telling myself to just focus on one idea and run with it, I finally managed to get four plates completed. I'm letting them sit over night and then I'll do some proofing in the morning.

When I'm working with photo-polymer plates, I always do a number of small test plates to get the exposure right. I usually end up with a lot of little plates here and there. Today I had one of those ah-ha moments when I thought of a great way to keep these trial plates in one place. I took a sheet of magnetic vinyl (which you can pick up at craft or stationary stores) and stuck the small plates to it. This made it easy to keep them all in one place while I was working and at the end of the day I just pinned the vinyl to my drying line. Later I'll just pop the whole sheet into a folder along with my exposure notes.

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