Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Print Rack Prototype

For the last few weeks, I've been ducking around wet prints hanging from an overhead clothesline. As I was straightening up the studio and trying to avoid bumping into the prints, I decided to try and come up with a better drying system. I think I may have succeeded.

I found some wood in the basement and made a frame sized to fit between my windows. I used some fishing line to tie one end of the frame to a wooden strip that holds my rulers. I envision hinges for the final version.

I tied some twine across the frame. When I re-do this, I'll drill holes along two sides of the frame, thread one length of a better quality cord through the holes, and adjust the tension all at once. 

I attached some more fishing line to the front edge of the frame and then to the top of the two window casings. When not in use, I'll be able to fold the rack against the wall.

Here's how it looks for the time being. I just used some office clips to hold the prints in place. When I was hanging the prints overhead with the wooden clothes pins, I found that the prints kept sliding out of the pins. The metal clips have a tighter grip.

I was pretty pleased with what I had ended up with. My prints were hung in a smaller footprint and relatively out of the way. It was nice to walk by the end of the press without ducking around the prints. I'll definitely be making a more polished version of this.


  1. This is the start of a great hanging system - and probably much cheaper than buying a commercial stand of some sort.

  2. This has worked out well and the best part is it doesn't take up any floor space.