Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yeah! CMYK

Over the last few days I've been researching color separation for photopolymer film. I've always wanted to experiment with this process but just haven't had a span of uninterrupted studio "play" time.

Transparencies, plates and inks ready to proof.

Since I don't always know what I'm doing when it comes to Photoshop, it's best to just focus on the nuts and bolts of "how to" and experiment as I research over a period of contiguous days. The Akua site had a great video and a clever process for making color strips. Color Overlays  I also picked up good info from the Vimeo site about color separation. 4 color process separation The Non-Toxic Print site Non-Toxic Print has a lot of great information and a section dealing specifically with registration and color separation. Color Separation Four color intaglio-type

It wasn't long before I managed to break down an image into CYMK color channels, make transparencies and create my plates. For this trial piece, I used Akua intaglio Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Carbon Black. I mixed a little transparent base into all the colors except the black.

Rock #1

This is my very first multicolor proof. As you can see, I have to focus on better registration but over all, I'm pleased with how far I've come over the past few days. Now to tackle the registration issues.

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