Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter at the beach.

I love escaping to the beach in winter. Walking alone on wet sand; the beach all to myself with the sound of the ocean a calming soundtrack to my inner voice. That huge sky and open horizon is there to remind me how small I am in the great scheme of things.

The bright winter sky so clear and blue in contrast to the boulders on the dune.

The beach rocks this past weekend were coated in a glaze of ice giving them the appearance of fine gems.

This cold and snowy winter has brought snow and ice right up to the tide line creating beautiful lines and textures.

Inspirational, visual treasures everywhere!

It just felt so good to get away for a few days, leave a hectic couple of weeks behind and decompress.

Gazing off into a late winter afternoon sky brings peace to the soul and a reminder to enjoy natures beauty no matter what the season.

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