Saturday, February 14, 2015

Interruptions & disruption

Often during the beginning stages of any piece, as I wait for the work to tell me what it is about and what I am thinking, there is a real struggle, but at a certain moment, I "know".  I know exactly what the piece is about and exactly what needs to happen to finish it. However, I feel as though I've lost all connection with this particular piece due to the numerous interruptions and disruptions; the latest of which was an emergency gall bladder surgery just this past Tuesday. 

Yesterday, even though I was supposed to be resting, I couldn't resist proofing my wax collagraph plate. Using soft toothbrushes, I inked it up using Akua intaglio inks and then wiped the surface. The textures looked great. I positioned all the segments and ran them through  the press. However, because I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to soak the paper, it ended up sticking to the plate. I don't think this would have been an issue if the paper had been damp.

I managed to peel the paper away from the plate and as you can see the paper tore in some areas; mainly where the plate was the thickest and the most pressure was exerted. The bottom line is I should have waited a couple of days, when I had more energy, before working with the plates.

When I get an idea I like to stick with it and follow through in a reasonable amount of time.   If I'm honest, I know when something is not working and even though I may like parts of it and the piece isn't resonating or I feel detached and don't yet know what it's trying to tell me, my best course of action is to let go.  I'm thinking I need to set this idea aside for the time being or change direction entirely and forge ahead with some destructive / constructive play; possibly turning what I have into a book.  We'll see.


  1. Melody - I was particularly interested to see how this print developed - but what concerns me more than anything is that you have just had open surgery on your body and you really should be taking it please do try to have a few restful days and take it really easy

    as you say you can forget about this one for the moment

    best wishes

    (in Scotland)

  2. Thanks Annie. You're right of course so I've made up my mind that rest will be my main priority for a few days. This unexpected event is just frustrating. Hopefully there won't be any more surprises.