Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finally Finished!

Second Skin

Today I managed to complete my edition for the Printmakers' Network's upcoming portfolio entitled Print Cubed.  In addition to the initial printing of the three individual plates, each print then had to be machined stitched together to create the required 6"x18" format. Next, watercolor was added to accent the ribbons, the prints carefully trimmed and folded into thirds, holes punched into the image and finally a couple of metal eyelets applied.

Ready for the finishing touches.
Each step along the way, thirty-six plus times, is pretty time consuming and I often asked myself, "Why did I make this piece so complex?" My husband's reply to that was, "Because you could." (Ha, ha.)

Cut into print.
Back of print.
Anyway, today was dedicated to adding the finishing touches. First I cut away a few areas along the top edge of the print because I liked the idea of breaking up the long edge.

Punching Holes.


After punching holes in a few areas of the image, I added a couple of silver grommets, as accents.

Punch, grommets, and tools.

The completed prints were signed, carefully folded with interleaving and stacked. Counting them more than once, to be sure I had the required amount, I placed them in my book press for safe keeping and to keep them flat.

It wasn't easy completing the edition of 36. It seems like I was at it for a long time; probably because I was! You know how life's interruptions can cut into studio time but you just need to work when you can and try to keep the creative energy going. I will say, it sure feels good to have this project behind me!
As to my life's current interruptions; while on maternity leave, my daughter is in the process of completing a couple of administrative courses so I've been traveling to Boston each week to help out with Scarlett (7 weeks) and Phineas (2). The joys of being a grandma!!!

Very precious "interruptions".


  1. fiddle dee diddle dee prints !!!

    Oh I dont think I could take that on. I have not done an edition since last
    year fir DCA Print studio, oh and I did ten instead of the required 12 !!

    So had to then do another 2 at last minute when they let me
    know..........nothing though compared to this mamoth feat. Well done melody
    - they look really good - love the thread string addition !!!!

    I must do a post on my blog tomorrow !!

    Best wishes


    ps I am thinking collagraph but perhaps they are etchings?

  2. Thanks Aine. It was a time consuming project but I like the discipline required to complete an edition. The image was created from 3 individual Solarplates that were machine stitched together to create the 6"x18" print.