Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day in D.C.

Back of Smithsonian castle.

Washing D.C. is beautiful this time of year. With everything in bloom and warm temperatures, it was a welcome respite from chilly Connecticut where NOTHING is in bloom yet.

As my husband headed off to work, I spent the day enjoying the sights, sunshine and museums. There's always so much to see and with a limited amount of time, I never know where to start.

Sculpture outside the Hirshhorn Museum.

I made the most of the day and managed to pop into the National Gallery, American Art & Portrait Museum, the National Museum of Women in The Arts and a few other galleries before time ran out and I had to head back to the hotel and airport.

I love visiting D.C. and the metro makes it easy to travel around the city quickly.

At home, I'm often comfortably working alone in my studio, easily stuck in a daily routine.

It's definitely beneficial to get out now and then so I'm making a note to take time out to do this kind of thing more often.

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