Saturday, January 30, 2010


Got out all the inks and began playing around with color combinations for the new print. Not exactly sure what I'm looking for at this point but a little proofing will help get me started.

The two small center plates are inked and ready to proof. Each plate is slightly different and I'm not yet sure which one I'll settle on.

Here's the first proofs. I like the darker quality of the one on the left so at least I have one decision out of the way.

Tried the plate again but with chine colle. This opens up the possibility of introducing another color.

I inked the background plate than used a large roller to apply a surface color. The smaller plate was inked and positioned in the center of the base plate and both were rolled through the press as one unit. I was happy to see that this worked well and was pleased with how the plates print. However, I'm not happy with the colors at this point so it's back to trying other combinations.

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