Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year; Fresh Start

A full Blue Moon was such a fitting end to 2009. The old adage, "once in a blue moon" came to mind as I reflected on the past year. Too often, that adage applied to my best intentions as procrastination and distractions got in the way. On the other hand, I did manage to gain a little control over the "freedom" of retirement. I created work that I'm happy with, managed to exhibit fairly consistently, and produced a number of good sized editions for exchange portfolios.

So, I optimistically welcome the new year and the opportunity for a fresh start. I'll set realistic goals, reflect and reassess, and move away from a "should have" / "could have" mentality. This year, I'm striving for consistency and balance; a consistent work schedule for my studio practice balanced with time for "play".

I recognize that like the moon, we all go through phases and there's cycles of growth as well as cycles of rest. It's this ebb and flow that makes life interesting and provides opportunities for exciting challenges and enriching change. Happy New Year!

"Ebb & Flow" (collagraph with photointaglio)


  1. This is a great collagraph. I love the intensity of the blue . Good luck with your personal aspirations for 2010. I shall look forward to reading about the prints you will produce when you 'play'!