Thursday, December 17, 2009

Versacel Plates

After mentioning Versacel in the previous post I decided to dig out some examples to illustrate its versatility. The image above shows the Versacel plate on the right and the print on the left. The plate has materials glued to it (feathers & half circle at top left) incised lines, and embossed chains and twigs. It was inked and wiped intaglio with a surface roll using Akua inks.

This Versacel print was created in two sections. A rectangle was cut from the main plate and the fish image was drawn using a standard etching needle. The rest of the plate was created by embossing netting and using a metal stamp tool to create patterns and textures. It was inked in two separate sections - the fish inked and wiped as an intaglio and the main plate inked as a relief - then reassembled as one plate and run through the press.

This image shows how delicate lines can be scribed into Versacel to create detailed drawings. The scissors were embossed into the plate and small marks were cut into the plate using linoleum cutting tools. It's a two section plate that was inked, wiped and printed as an intaglio.

Versacel is an interesting material to work with and provides endless opportunities for printmaking experimentation. (I've even applied ImagOn photopolymer film to it. Its make up allows the plate to sit in the soda ash bath with no ill effects.) It's fairly inexpensive, easy to cut, and holds up to the rigors of printmaking; definitely worth playing around with.


  1. Hello Melody, I know that this is an old post but came across it whilst clicking through your wonderful blog.. I wonder if you could help me? I've just looked up versacel on the internet with the possibility of buying it in the UK.. The computer has gone bonkers it comes up Versace.. Do you know the English name for the product or would you do me a huge favor and ask your supplier for the name of the English equivalent?

    Many thanks ~ Julie.

  2. Julie. Here's another name for the plates, Sintra.
    Sintra comes in a variety of colors and is a lightweight material used in building trade show and manufacturing display booths, and signs. (