Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Film, Film Everewhere!

Digging through my supplies yesterday I discovered that I have 4 different types of photopolymer film tucked away in the studio. I have a little left of the original Riston made by Dupont and used in the circuit board industry (that I carted back from Peace River, Alberta, Canada back in 1995), then I have ImagOn (the follow up to Riston and marketed for non-toxic printmaking), I just finished up my supply of "the new and improved" ImagOn Ultra and I found a brand new roll of ImagOn Pro. Although I don't currently have any on hand, I understand there is now an ImagOn HD (guaranteed to provide better resolution).

It's interesting to see how the film has changed over the years. Along with a great variety of image making possibilities, the film has gone through several stages since I first used the Riston back in '95. Adhering procedures and development processes have changed, resolution has improved and the films have gone from thick to thin and back to thick again with the ImagOn Pro.
I just need to keep track of which film I'm using so I follow the adhering & processing recommendations for that particular film. It's also interesting to note that if they're stored properly they have a decent shelf life. I don't store my film on end, keep it in it's original tube and well wrapped in light proof plastic and make sure it's kept in a cool location. I made a special light proof black box for a larger roll of film that makes access to the roll quick and easy.

What I really appreciate about all of the developments in non-toxic printmaking is that this new technology allows me fantastic image-making capabilities without compromising my health, safety or the environment.

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  1. Yes, it is an interesting journey with ImagOn. I am finishing up all my existing ImagOn in the studio and looking forward to whatever comes next.