Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sketches & Plate Making

After playing around with some sketches and ideas, I began experimenting with my reduced body prints using PhotoShop, to manipulate the images. I settled on a few of my favorites and printed them out on transparencies.

Once I sorted through my photopolymer supplies, yesterday was spent creating plates. I decided to go with Solarplates, for my relief plates and those involving text, and use ImagOn film for the intaglio components. In this instance, I adhered the film to sheets of plexiglass. I also use roofing copper and galvanized metal as plates.

I have three different images in the works so I'll probably spend the next few days just focusing on plate development before I start proofing.

It's exciting to be able to take a large body print and reduce it down to a more intimate format. I'll have fun seeing where this takes me.

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