Sunday, August 23, 2009

Final Exchange Project

I've been away from the studio so there's not a lot happening art wise. I did however manage to complete the exchange print for Green Door IPE 2009 by running back and forth between the beach & my studio in the woods. This was the final exchange project I had committed to so I really wanted to get it sent out in time. Hopefully it will be in Great Britain by Sept 1st.

The exchanges I participated in were interesting. The deadlines were a great tool for keeping me focused and on task and they also required discipline to complete professional looking editions. On the negative side, I was often disappointed by the quality of the prints I received in return and have come to realize that this is more often the norm for exchanges. One never knows what you will get in return because the exchanges are open to professional as well as non-professional print makers. I eventually learned not to take the whole process too seriously and to just have fun with the guidelines presented for each exchange.

I'm still waiting to receive my exchange prints from Print Zero, Art House and the Littlest Print Exchanges and will post the prints I receive as they arrive.

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