Sunday, August 23, 2009

Body Print

For the Green Door Exchange I created a small print based on a "body print". I used my own body as a matrix to create a one of a kind monotype. I began by inking my body with waterbased ink. Once I was sufficiently covered in ink, I pressed myself against a sheet of paper that I had laid out on the floor of my studio. This monotype was photographed and resized in Photoshop to meet the guidelines for the exchange. (The maximum paper size had to be 5.5"X5.5".) I then created a negative, exposed it to a photopolymer plate and inked and wiped the plate as an intaglio. A second plate was inked and printed as a relief over the first image to complete the print.

This was an interesting process and I already have plans to create a few more prints using this technique.

1 comment:

  1. This is a lovely idea. It's reminiscent of Yves Klein's Anthropomorphie series, but of course your results look completely different, and doing it yourself is also very different from using "women as brushes" (which I always found quite sexist). One of the things I find most interesting, is the way you have taken a work which was originally life size and reduced it so radically. Interesting comment on ideas of miniaturization and the body, medicine, science and so on.