Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sand & Shadows

First this this morning I pulled a proof from yesterdays plate and was happy to see that it printed as I had hoped. These last two plates hold a lot of ink so it takes awhile to wipe them but by mid- afternoon I had an edition completed.

Sand & Shadows
The fourth print in my Springer series; Sand & Shadows. (Since my subjects are Springer Spaniels I'm trying to keep the "S" thing going).

So here is the series so far. My goal was to create bold, graphic compositions that didn't look too "cute". Hopefully I'm heading in the right direction. I'm considering working on a few smaller sized plates next but for now I think I'll put the dogs aside and focus on a few new ideas.





  1. Melody, I love these. The dogs have such an inherently graphic quality, and you've put them in really rich environments. And DANG but it makes me want to make etchings again. (Which I can do now that I have a press!)

  2. Thanks Sherrie. Now that you have Presston, the opportunities are endless. Can't wait to see how your work expands with a press. Happy printing.