Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel +

The Bristol Art Museum, in the Rhode Island bay area, hosted an exhibition of the Printmakers' Network of Southern New England. It showcased our latest group project which was a book of poetry and prints titled Travel. Additional work, by the artists who participated in the book, was also included.

It's always great to have an opportunity to exhibit your work in a different venue and Sunday's opening was well attended, highlighted the versatility and diversity of the group and ended with a few pending sales.

Belonging to a group of diverse artist/printmakers is a wonderful way to collaborate on special projects, build collegiality and share your work with the public. The Printmakers' Network already has 3 upcoming projects in the works; a summer exhibition of large prints at the Children's Medical Center in D.C., an exhibition at the Newport Art Museum scheduled for fall of 2011 and a 20th anniversary portfolio titled "Score" for 2012. I'd better get busy in the studio!

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