Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Site for Exhibition Opportunities

Just recently I came across a fantastic web site called Art & Art Deadlines.com which helps connect artists with exhibition opportunities. http://www.artandartdeadlines.com/aboutaaad/

R.L. Gibson is a working artist and former arts administrator who for years had sent out deadlines for art shows. She has turned her "show list" to blog form where she tags, categorizes and archives the ART and ART DEADLINES by date, media, region and brings it to you free.

When I retired, one of my goals was to actively seek out exhibition opportunities to help provide a framework for my studio practice. I found that it helps to have a specific challenge to provide a focus. By selecting projects and shows that interest me, I'm spurred to action by the deadlines. Another advantage is that I'm branching out and seeking venues outside of my local area.

Art & Art Deadlines is a wonderful way to find shows and get details about upcoming creative opportunities. Check it out.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Melody. I was just saying last night that there needs to be a place on line that lists deadlines! The site is a great resource.
    Take Care,

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