Monday, June 14, 2010

First Proofs

Spent yesterday trying different things with the plates. I adjusted colors, ink consistency and the order in which the plates are printed. I'm still not satisfied with what I'm getting so I plan on another day of proofing. Hopefully I'll end up with something I'm happy with before the day is over.

The top image shows the plate with the figures printed over the background plate. This is the first figurative plate I made that was too deeply bitten and caused inking problems because of open biting.

The second proof is the opposite; the background plate printed over the figures. This is the newer figurative plate made using Solarplate so there is more detail and inking is more consistent.

I like what's happening with the text because I'm getting a sense of words flying between the two conversationalists. At this point, the quest is to find just the right marriage between ink, pressure, wiping and plate registration. Back to work.

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