Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finding time & balance

I've been very busy lately with travel and various obligations that I haven't had time to invest in new work. I'm feeling pulled in too many directions and unfortunately the one direction I need to head in the most, the studio, has been out of reach. Because of this, I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. I find this happens to me when I'm "out of balance"; that is, I'm not taking care of my creative needs on a regular basis. I need to set up a schedule so that I stop putting my studio time after everything else gets done.

Also, I've decided to take a different direction from my usual way of working and give up control, for an anticipated outcome, and just try to see what happens through "play" and experimentation. Having focused on printing editions, I feel it's time to loosen up and explore the unpredictability of monotypes. So, with this in mind I plan to get back in the studio next week and refocus my direction and hopefully recalibrate my psyche.


  1. It's so hard to put the studio first - I get lost between ailing Mother and needy grandchildren and agree with you Melody, that if I don't allow some creative time, I become miserable and irritable. It realy makes it very difficult to keep up momentum with work and not feel like you are starting all over again each time you make it into the studio.

    I am not sure what the solution is besides trying not to beat ourselves up and doing what we can when we can.

    best wishes


  2. Gorgeous Print! When life is very full I refer to my printmaking time as "taking the time to go splat on paper". It feels good!

  3. I love this print, especially the enlarged view. I relate completely to your situation, and I know I get terribly grumpy when I don't get enough time to create. Good luck with the loosening up. I'm going to try some of that myself shortly - must be in the air!

  4. I found that if I schedule a friend to come and print with me I can keep the commitment to play in the studio. And it is so FUN.